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The Šimková & partneři Law Office was established in 2008. We appreciate that many of our clients have been with us since the beginning of our firm’s operation on the market. They see us as a stable partner for solving all legal issues arising from the ordinary course of business, as well as new business decisions, including acquisitions.

Our lasting and long-term relationships with clients enable us to acquire a thorough knowledge of both our clients and their history, and tailor our counselling services to their individual needs and requirements. Practising as attorneys-at-law, we consider the relationship between attorney and client fundamental. It is our priority to be a trustworthy and reliable partner for our clients, helping them resolve their problems quickly and to their utmost satisfaction.


Our Focus

Although we provide legal services in all major branches of law, we specialise in business law. It is the field in which we offer truly comprehensive support to our clients. We mainly cooperate with business corporations; in many cases they are parent holding companies that administer numerous participating interests. Our clients are engaged in various fields of business, e.g. IT, development, energy engineering, financial services, travel and tourism industry, etc.

Our team prepare expert opinions and legal memoranda, draft contracts, and represent clients with respect to all aspects of a given business case and according to their individual requests and needs. Our law firm cooperates with transactional, accounting and tax advisors, as well as with expert witnesses, on a long-term basis. Thanks to this cooperation we can arrange for our clients that any acts connected with expert appraisals of property, preparation of final accounts and initial balance sheets or audits thereof are comfortably carried out at one place, and that all persons involved coordinate well. This type of cooperation has proven particularly successful in complex and sophisticated transactions, such as changes in a company, due diligence and M&A transactions, in which a close cooperation of working teams is indispensable.

Regarding the field of corporate law, we provide our clients, who are often quite large holdings, with legal services ranging from drafting suitable articles of association for companies when they are being established, to all types of changes in companies, to company liquidation. We are experienced in the long-term administration of corporate routine work directly on the client’s premises where the scope of work is set according to the client’s needs, which makes it possible to subsequently provide further legal services based on thorough knowledge of the environment and the client’s operations.

In the field of corporate law we also deal with the restructuring of corporate structures, establishing joint ventures, and determining relationships among company members by means of shareholders’ agreements. Our firm also provides services in the area of mergers and acquisitions on a long-term basis. Our clients are investors from various branches, including information technology, development, renewable energy engineering, financial services, and so on. We have experience in investment in start-ups. We are ready to provide comprehensive legal support from consultations regarding a mode of transaction, to due diligence, to arranging for respective contract documentation. We also represent our clients before the Office for the Protection of Competition in proceedings concerning amalgamations of competitors.

We also specialise in all types of changes in business corporations: domestic and cross-border mergers and consolidations; divisions, including spin-offs, split-ups, and split-offs; transfers of assets and liabilities to a member; changes of legal structure / form of a company.

  • Constitution and administration of companies, liquidation;
  • Amalgamations, divisions, and spin-offs;
  • Shareholders’ agreements;
  • Joint ventures and other partnerships;
  • Due diligence;
  • Liability of corporate bodies;
  • All modes of acquisitions and sales of businesses.

Šimková & partneři has significant experience in the provision of comprehensive legal services in the area of insolvency proceedings, including the provision of legal counselling to insolvency trustees and assisting clients in collecting debts within the framework of insolvency proceedings.

We offer the following services in particular:

  • Counselling in the modes of resolving insolvencies;
  • Counselling in drafting and filing of petitions for insolvency;
  • Drafting and registering claims, including secured and conditional claims;
  • Representing clients in incidental disputes in insolvency proceedings;
  • Representing creditors in committees of creditors and at meetings of creditors;
  • Ounselling regarding reorganisations, particularly with respect to drafting, negotiating, and reviewing reorganisation schemes.

Contentious work, particularly representing clients in litigation and arbitration, is an inseparable part of an attorney’s practice. Given that Šimková & partneři has continuously practised in the field since its establishment, and that said work represents a significant part of the firm’s practice, we possess considerable experience that enables us to provide our clients with either legal counselling or direct representation, particularly in the following matters:

  • Legal counselling regarding dispute resolution clauses when making contracts,
  • Analysing cases and recommending suitable procedural strategies;
  • Negotiating with the adversary regarding an amicable settlement of a dispute;
  • Representing clients before the court, in arbitration proceedings and in proceedings before administrative authorities;
  • Legal counselling regarding the enforcement of judgments and execution proceedings.

Šimková & partneři provides its clients with comprehensive legal services in the area of employment law, focusing in particular on the following issues:

  • Commencement and termination of employment relationships, namely employment and its termination;
  • Internal regulations and internal governance codes;
  • safety and protection of health at work;
  • Employees’ remuneration
  • Determination of relationships between managers and members of business corporations, managers’ agreements, remuneration;
  • Counselling related to changes in business corporations, restructuring (issues of transfer of rights and obligations arising from employment relationships);
  • Relocations and temporary assignments of employees;
  • Employing foreigners, work permits and visa;
  • employment disputes.

Šimková & partneři provides comprehensive services in the field of contract law. We can take over representation of clients already at the stage of pre-contract negotiations, negotiate with contracting partners on behalf of our clients and in their best interest, as well as draft contracts and review drafts proposed by the other party, ensuring the best possible conditions for our clients within the respective contractual relationship. With respect to this field, Šimková & partneři provides counselling relating particularly to the following types of contracts:

  • Purchase contract, contract of donation, barter agreement;
  • Contract for work;
  • Lease agreement, loan for use agreement, loan for consumption agreement, agreement for gratuitous loan revocable at will (precarium), loan/credit/facility agreements;
  • Contract for the sale of a business enterprise or its part;
  • Agreements regarding the membership of business corporations and co-operatives;
  • Contract of mandate, brokerage contract, consignment contract, shipment contract, agency agreement;
  • And numerous other nominate and innominate contracts.


Mgr. Petra Šimková

Mgr. Petra Šimková

Mgr. Jakub Valenta

Mgr. Jakub Valenta

Mgr. Šárka Dušková

Mgr. Šárka Dušková

Mgr. Jan Švehla

Mgr. Jan Švehla

Mgr. Daniel Neustadt

Mgr. Daniel Neustadt

Legal trainee
Bc. Kateřina Tulisová

Bc. Kateřina Tulisová

Office manager



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Consumer informations

Under Act No. 634/1992 Sb., on the protection of consumers, as amended, a consumer is eligible for out-of-court settlement of a consumer dispute arising from a contract for the provision of legal services. A body authorised to deal with out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes between attorneys and consumers arising from contracts for the provision of legal services is the Czech Bar Association (see the webpage: www.cak.cz).